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2023 • Designer

2022-2023 • 
Product Designer

Creative Direction

Brand Design


Brand Redesign

Arch asked me to come in and help do a brand refresh. They wanted to look more professional and sophisticated. Check out the site here.

I guided Arch through a series of strategic exercises aimed at gaining a deep understanding of their customer base and capturing the essence of their desired image. Following comprehensive exercises and meticulous mood boarding, I curated a diverse range of design options.

Our final choice embraced a sleek and dark aesthetic, meticulously crafted to resonate with business professionals seeking substantial loans. The objective was to instill trust, exude professionalism, and radiate sophistication in the brand's visual identity.

Example of the logo with the new brand

Example of the brand I came up with for Arch. A completely new color palette, graphic assets, photography and type.

Example of one of the web pages

Example of the calculator I designed for the home page.

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