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2022-2023 • Product Designer

2022-2023 • 
Product Designer

Product Design


Workspace Switcher

Example of different visual explorations

Example of the workspace switcher we shipped


Workspace Setting

A project I worked on for the new Workspace settings page and Branding page under Account settings.

Example of what folder sharing looks like for people not on the Pro plan.


Folder Sharing

Folder sharing was a new feature that was for Pro users only. Pro users could share a folder by typing in the email of the person they wanted to share the folder with. This feature was pretty complex as we were trying to get folks to upgrade when wanting to use this feature as well as give enough context on the feature, settings and who's invited to this folder. One of the thing we were trying to solve for is to make the feature very discoverable for Pro and none Pro users.

Example of what folder sharing looks like for people on the Pro plan and the Free plan

Example of the flow for paid users and free users

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