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2022 • Lead Product Designer

2022-2023 • 
Product Designer

Product Design

I was a consultant at Fast right before they shut down the doors. I had the pleasure of working with the amazing design team.

The EPD team got feedback that Fast customers wanted to search a customer order by email and get results based on that email for a better experience. When an agent is on the phone with a customer they want to be able to quickly search an order, get the order details and refund the right amount.



When I started on the project the issue with the flow for customers to provide the CS agent with quick way for them to search their order, quickly refund the right amount, and set a status for why they are retuning the order.

— No way to Search by Email Address,
— No way to Search by phone number in the future
— No way to quickly find all the

If a CS team gets a call from a customer who wants a refund on an item/order doesn't have their purchase order ready, there is no other way to search for their order besides by searching the order ID.

Example of the the final view that we shipped.

Example search explorations I worked on

Example of the the final view that we shipped.

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